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Developers about the M47
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Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer

For the 90 mm M36 cannon, we made a choice out of six (!) types of ammunition: armor-piercing, sub-caliber, high-explosive and hollow-charge.

Eduard Borisov, lead artist

The “second Patton” has an interesting turret. Under the canvas, there's a fully modeled gun mantlet. There are rangefinders installed on the turret's sides, and there's a spacious box on the rear of the turret which makes it appear even more elongated. It's a beautiful tank.

 usa_m47_patton_II_01 usa_m47_patton_II_02 usa_m47_patton_II_03 usa_m47_patton_II_05
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