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Developers about the M24
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Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer

Excellent armament for a light tank. When you play this tank, you can move around quickly, perform flanking maneuvers quickly, attack your enemies from the side quickly… or run away quickly: the Chaffee's armor corresponds to the light tank class and everything in its rank can penetrate it.

Eduard Borisov, lead artist

My favorite tank in the American tank line! A vehicle with a futuristic design and an unbelievable quantity of interesting parts. Look how intricate the turret and gun mantlet shapes are – the same “flowing lines” that modern car industry engineers are so proud of today were made for the Chaffee over half a century ago! Another detail – there's a real sight installed opposite the commander's cupola, which helped to measure distance also. And do you see the panel with glass opposite the driver's safety glass? This panel is raised in transit and protects the observation instrument from mud and water – there are heating coils inside, and the glass is equipped with a wiper.

 usa_us_m24_chaffee_01 usa_us_m24_chaffee_03 usa_us_m24_chaffee_06 usa_us_m24_chaffee_07
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