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Steel Generals: M19
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The M19 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun was based on a lengthened M24 Chaffee chassis. The engine was moved to behind the drivers' compartment, and the 40mm gun turret was placed at the rear of the vehicle. The 40mm guns were fed by four-round clips into an automatic loader. Only 285 M19s were built before production was cancelled after the end of the Second World War, and even these had their turrets installed post-war. The M19 arrived too late to see service during the Second World War, but it was adopted as the main anti-aircraft vehicle in US Army armoured divisions. The M19 saw combat in the Korean War. They were involved in the defence of the Pusan perimeter. Later in the war they were used as infantry support weapons. Its twin 40mm guns were particularly effective against 'human wave' attacks. The M19 was rarely used in an anti-aircraft role, partly because very few North Korean aircraft were encountered and partly because it wasn't really capable of engaging faster moving jets. Untitled_000030 Untitled_000009 Untitled_000013 Untitled_000016 Untitled_000017
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