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Ki-43-III Otsu «Hayabusa»
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The Ki 43 was the most numerous of all the Imperial Army's war planes, fighting from the beginning till the end of World War 2 despite it's increasing obsolescence. Designed around the Japanese aviation doctrine of the period that placed agility above other considerations, the 43 was very lightly built and armed and could easily outmanoeuvre every Allied fighter it faced. On the downside, it often simply disintegrated under .50 calibre fire. Later models introduced some armour and self-sealing fuel tanks. The initial armament proved far too light to do much damage to its opponents and was progressively improved, from a pair of rifle-calibre machine guns mounted in the fuselage, to a pair of 20mm cannons in the final versions. The top-scoring Hayabusa pilot was a Sergeant Satoshi Anabuki with 39 confirmed, almost all of then scored with the Ki-43.

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