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Nakajima Ki-43-I
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The last pre-production Ki-43 was released in September 1940,  it brought together all of the innovations that had been tested on previous machines, including a two-blade metal variable-pitch propeller, heavy machine guns, the Ha-105 engine and “butterfly” combat-flaps. The aircraft flew perfectly - twisted loops and Immelmanns being made ​​at speeds of 270 km/h (168 mph) The stall speed was only 50 km/h (32 mph) The Air Staff, satisfied with the aircraft in September of 1940 gave an indication to Nakajima to prepare serial production of the Ki-43. On January 9th, 1941 the Ki-43 was finally adopted with the designation "Type 1 Fighter Model 1A" and the official name of "Hayabusa". Ki-43-47 Ki-43-61 shot_2014.07.07_17.44.49 shot_2014.07.07_17.43.07
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