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M4-748 “Sherman” – Armour Changes: Part 2
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Dear players!

Unfortunately mistakes are inevitable in such a complex task as recreating characteristics and performance of the war machines. We are doing our best to check all the sources and models we use in our work, but still we cannot give a 100% guarantee that everything has been done absolutely correctly and not subject to future changes. Our main principle is maximum historical accuracy, which means that we cannot refrain from correcting the existing mistakes making the vehicles’ characteristics as accurate as possible . Even if such changes affect premium vehicles which may disappoint some of the players that paid for them. Unfortunately mistakes happen and may still happen in the future.

We hope that our players understand and share our main value - historical accuracy.

As a possible “compensation” for those who “suffered” from the changes we are considering a possibility to add following “modifications”:

- decal “Armor +25mm” for the owners of the Sherman tank

- decal “-510 kgs” for the owners of Fw-190D13 “Dora”

- decal “+700 ammo” for owners of the premium “Mustang”

And perhaps such decals as

- “+25 km/h Speed”

- “2 m/s Climb rate”


If implemented these may also become available for the rest of the players but only with Golden Eagles purchase (since such drastic changes should be limited!)

In our recent Dev Diaries update we published information about changes in  M4-748 (a)  “Sherman” armouring according to the sources we studied. Unfortunately, we made several mistakes, but we instantly got some feedback where they were pointed out. Some of the data we used for the changes in the Sherman’s armour scheme were not correct. And we are hurrying to fix the mistakes made.

Let’s begin with the hull front armour. Initial armour used to be 64 mm and it had the same thickness both for upper and lower part. By mistake we changed the front armour thickness to 51 mm, since we used the data for the earlier modifications of the tank. However, the respected specialist R.P. Hunnicutt as well as several other trustful sources definitely indicate that M4 “Sherman” had different front armour thickness in its upper and lower parts. Thus the following data is correct: upper part is 2.6 inches (64 mm) at 47 degrees angle, lower part is has various thickness from 2 inches (51 mm) at 56 degrees angle to 4.25 inches (108 mm) in the leading edge.

рисунок 1

Thus now, the M4-748 (a)  “Sherman”  has correct differentiated armouring at the front - from 64 m to 108 mm at the leading edge of the front armour


Besides that we thoroughly studied several other sources and pictures describing the turret armouring. According to the data the armouring of the mantlet varied, we had the correct characteristics of the moving part of the mantlet - it was 2 inches (51 mm) thick,  but the stationary part was calculated wrongly: armour thickness near the turret port is 1.5 inches (38 mm), and the remaining part is 3.5 inches (89 mm)


It also should be noted that other changes in Sherman’s armouring such as additional 1 inch (25mm) plating covering the ammo rack were correct and will be implemented in the nearest minor update.

Thus the tank armour scheme has become much more detailed, complex, and  historically accurate.

Decals will not affect the performance, but may help some players to feel more confident!

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