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M4-748 "Sherman" - Armour Changes
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Hello War Thunder tankers!

We have discovered a series of errors in the armour equipment of our M4-748 (a) Sherman tank. Now we have found additional historical sources to create an accurate armour scheme for this vehicle. As a result, our “Sherman” tank has lost some armour in specific areas but had more plating added in other areas.

Here are a couple of schemes for a better understanding (left pic- before changes, right pic - after changes)

1) The hull front plate used to be 64mm, now it is 51mm or 2 inches. The hull wall missed an additional 1 inch (25mm) plating covering the ammo rack. So the hull wall armour has been increased (1.5 inches +1 inch or 38 mm + 25 mm).


2) Mudguard thickness used to be 30 mm, now it’s 0.5 inches or (12,7 ~ 13 mm)


3) The turret front used to be a complete structure with 75 mm thickness which was wrong. The turret projecting part is now a separate structure with 1.5 inches (38 mm) thickness. This part was not covered by a mantlet since it was pretty narrow  and covered only the turret port  on the early versions of the Sherman, in the later modifications (including the one used in the game) the mantlet became wider and it covered almost the whole front part of the turret. The mantlet itself used to be 75 mm by mistake, now it’s 2 inches or 51 mm.


We understand that changing tank armour, especially making it “worse” for the premium vehicle is a very sensitive matter for our players, but we firmly believe that these changes are very important for the early development stage of the game.

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