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War Thunder - Winter Magic!
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We wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

These holidays War Thunder will run series of specials that you wish and choose! 

Starting from December 25th 8am GMT (0:00am PST) to January 12th join the game and choose what you wish to get for Christmas!
Every day there will be a couple of tasks, complete all of them and  get two unique premium aircraft: TB-3 and XF5F! Completing all tasks is challenging, but you may choose only one desired aircraft and complete tasks only for this plane.
Do you want Research Points multiplier for your plane tomorrow? Just fly it today! Every day we choose one most popular aircraft of a day and granting special RP multiplier for it for the next 24 hours.
Do you want special discounts? Check the War Thunder official forums every day and vote the exact discounts you want. When you wake up in the next morning, enter your hangar and get your special discounts!

Special Christmas discount for today:

From December 24th, 3pm GMT (7am PST) till December 25th, 3pm GMT (7am PST)


*except La-5FN (Germany) and XP-55 (USA)

War Thunder team will also be giving you very special gifts -


And special offer for our most active players: completing all tasks from January,1st to January 10th will grant you extra-bonus - one week Premium account for free!
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