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Progression system 1.39
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Hello everyone! Among the changes that War Thunder Update 1.39 will bring are the progression system changes. Unlike Update 1.37, we didn’t rework it from scratch; instead, we preserved the new system’s advantages and improved the aspects that you were unhappy about. The average cost of research for Ranks II, III and IV aircraft has been reduced by 34-38% on average, but at the same, it needs 6 planes instead of 4 to advance to the next rank now - a 33% increase. The combined effect of these two changes is an overall increase of progression speed. It will take you less time to get to the next rank and you will research many more planes in the process. Rank V aircraft are somewhat special - their research requirements have been simply reduced by 10-15%. ss (2014-04-09 at 05.48.13) The new system will require you to purchase new models more often, and we didn’t want Silver Lion income to hold you back. So the prices for Rank II to V aircraft has been decreased by the same percentage as their RP requirements. The same applies to crew conversion costs. Another feature introduced in War Thunder Update 1.37 gets rebalanced in 1.39 - the RP income decrease caused by rank difference between the aircraft being used and the one being researched. In 1.39 it is still a very inefficient way to research a Sabre by flying a Peashooter, but the amount of RP lost is not that dramatic anymore. RP income decrease for a rank difference of 1 has been removed entirely. The new values are:
 Rank diff  Update 1.37  Update 1.39
 4  0.05  0.2
 3  0.1  0.3
 2  0.3  0.4
 1  0.9  1
 0  1  1
We also reconsidered the prices of modification research for Golden Eagles. Some of them became cheaper, others became more expensive, but the overall price of bringing an aircraft to its “top” state is now 5-10% lower. RP convertion rate has also been increased (i.e. it’s cheaper now). The War Thunder 1.39 progression system takes the best of the previous two iterations: 1.35 (unlocking many aircraft in the process) and 1.37 (no experience cap for planes). Overall, the progression speed has been increased noticeably, especially for new aircraft being researched within the same rank.
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