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The Summer Maneuvers: Battle of Kursk
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From 15.00 GMT on July the 5th to 07.00 GMT on July the 8th

Join the 'Battle of Kursk' tournament and win prizes!

The first of the new tournament series 7x7 “The Summer Maneuvers”

Dear Pilots and Tankers!

We invite you to take part in tournament dedicated to the biggest tank battle of World War II - the Battle of Kursk, which started on July the 5th, 1943! Win battles and receive prizes while playing in combined battles 7x7 on USSR and German vehicles!

Results of "The Battle of Kursk" 7x7 Tournament:

Winners of Arcade Battles can be found here.

Winners of Realistic Battles can found here.

Winners of Simulator Battles can be found here.

For each 10 wins, a player will receive one battle trophy with one of the following:

  • Back-ups x5 for rank II - IV vehicle of the USSR and Germany;
  • 30% SL  or RP  Booster;
  • Random discount 30-50% for premium vehicles of the USSR and Germany (except for vehicles from Update 1.59);
  • Random camouflage for rank II - IV vehicle of the USSR and Germany;

P-63A-10 (USSR) - German VK 4501 P

The best players in every mode will receive the following prizes:

  • First 100 players in AB - 500  Golden Eagles
  • First 100 players in RB - 500  Golden Eagles
  • First 50 players in SB - 500  Golden Eagles

The Battle of Kursk tournament is a part of the series of 3 combined battles 7x7 tournaments, where the best 30 players of the series by the leaderboards (in every mode) will receive premium vehicles: the Soviet P-63A-10 Kingcobra aircraft and the German VK 4501 P tank.



  • Tournaments starts on Tuesday, July 5th at 15:00 GMT and ends on Friday, July 8th at 07:00 GMT.
  • The tournament will be available in all game modes (AB, RB and SB) in the “Events and Tournaments” section.

The next tournament, the 2nd one in the series, will mark the end of Battle for Caen on 5th of August.

See you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

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