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Tank Duels: Jagdtiger vs ISU-152
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From June 17th, 15:00 GMT until June 20th, 07:00 GMT

Take part in the duels between the German Jagdtiger and Soviet ISU-152 on Berlin!

Destroy enemy vehicles to receive Supply Boxes and unique Tanker Icons!


On completion of each stage you will get a "Supply Box" that contains one of the following items :

  • 5x Back-Ups for German or USSR ground vehicles of ranks II - IV
  • A 10-75%  or  Booster;
  • A discount for one of the German or USSR premium ground vehicles (except vehicles from 1.59);
  • Main Prize: A unique tanker profile icon!

You are guaranteed to receive the main prize once you complete all three stages for a nation of your choice (or both of them). ​


  • Tasks can be completed only in special events which are available in the Events and Tournaments Tab.
  • Location in AB/RB/SB: “Streets of Berlin”
  • You can follow your progress in your Profile -> Achievements -> Tank duels.
  • You can complete the tasks only whilst driving the Jagdtiger or ISU-152.

 Tasks (can be completed only in the special event):

 Whilst driving the ISU-152, destroy 30, 60, 100 enemy German ground vehicles (3 stages) on the location “Berlin”;
 Whilst driving the Jagdtiger, destroy 30, 60, 100 enemy German ground vehicles (3 stages) on the location “Berlin”;

For Realistic and Simulator Battles an x2 multiplier on destroyed enemies is applied.

Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440

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