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3 June 2016

D-Day Tournament 7x7

Participate in the D-Day 7x7 Tournament
June 3rd at 15:00 GMT - June 7th at 07:00 GMT

Dear friends!

We invite you to take part in a tournament devoted to the largest landing operation of World War Two - pushing back the Western front towards Berlin in Normandy on June 6th 1944! While playing in combined battles 7x7 in US, British and German vehicles, win battles and receive prizes:

For each 9 wins, a player will receive one battle trophy with one of the following:

  • Back-ups x5 for rank 2-4 vehicle of USA, Great Britain and Germany;
  • 30% RP and SL booster;
  • Random  discount 30-50% for premium vehicles of USA, Great Britain and Germany;
  • Random camouflage for the rank 2-4 vehicle of USA, Great Britain and Germany;

Players who achieve 45 victories and open 5 battle trophies, are guaranteed to receive a super-prize: a premium US tank, the M3A1 (USMC)​ or a premium aircraft from the British tree - the Dewoitine D.521. (if a player has the tank, he will receive the aircraft and vice versa).

Additional information

  • The results of victories in AB, SB and RB are not cumulative
  • The tournament begins on Friday, June 3rd at 15:00 GMT and ends on Tuesday, June 7th at 07:00 GMT
  • The tournament will be available in all game modes (AB, RB and SB) in the “Events and Tournaments” section
  • Players who do not have enough wins to receive the super-prize can buy battle trophies: Price of 1 trophy = 899 GE
  • Players who have not yet reached Rank 3 or players who have already played 80 battles, can buy a ticket for 20 battles for 200 Golden Eagles
  • Before the tournament starts, each player who has reached rank 3 for any nation will receive a ticket for 80 battles. No matter what the result of the battle is, after each match the number of remaining battles will reduce by 1

We have prepared a special offer for you this weekend - a bundle dedicated to D-Day which includes allied vehicles that participated in famous Normandy landing in June 1944. Don’t miss the chance to get these packs together at 30% off!

The War Thunder Team

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