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Update 1.37
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The long expected Update - 1.37 - will bring several significant changes to the game, such as:


  • A completely different progression system. All vehicles are divided into 5 ranks instead of 20, to get a new aircraft a player will have to research a previous one, researching the desired vehicle has become faster.


  • New render with the support of DirectX 11, improving graphics quality and performance up to 25% (on some video cards).


  • Many of new planes have been added, such as the Soviet fighters the I-185 and the La-9, the American P-400. The German Bf 109 F-1 and Bf 109 F-2, The Hs. 129B-3 attacker with an incredible 75 mm cannon, the series of Japanese Ki-84 fighters and others.


  • New “Custom Battles”. Now the battles are hosted on a dedicated War Thunder server and not on the player’s side. This will provide ease of use and a high quality connection for online tournaments, clanmates and for all those who play custom battles.


  • The mission editor is now added to “test flight” mode and you can test any desired aircraft in different situations, choose the scenario of a battle, the weather and the number and power of your opponents.


  • More than 70 aircraft have their Flight and Damage models tuned to fully meet the historically accurate data. Please refer to our forums for the full list and current flight models state report.


  • 8 new maps added for different modes


These and many other exciting changes await you in the War Thunder Update 1.37. Full list of changes

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