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Aviators of War: A fan-based roleplay campaign
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Hello Pilots!

Time ago, some War Thunder players founded  Aviators of War. AoW is a Roleplay-Project for War Thunder-Pilots with it´s own game mode. Their focus is not about unlocking planes, but the life of virtual Characters. It is played in War Thunder Simulatormode.

Using War Thunder historical campaigns are reenacted. So far the Spanish civil war, the phony war in 1939/40 and the Western-Campaign have been played through. Momentarily the Aviators of War are fighting in September/Octobre 1940 in the Battle of Britain. The single missions themselves follow the historic course of War. Many of the flown soties are based on actual air battles and many even reenacted as precisely as possible.

Huge value is placed in the roleplay system. The pilots of AoW try to climb the ladder with successful sorties and/or collectiong medals. But of course they always have to be on the look out to not get captured or wounded (meaning they would have to spend time in a war prison or hospital) or even getting killed. If latter is the case a new pilot will have to be set up and the one before enters the lost in combat list.

Currently the Aviators of War acommodate about 160 Members from all around the globe. English is therfore spoken widely but the founders are german. Playable are the RAF and the german Luftwaffe.

Other nations will be implemented as the war continues.


For more Informations visit the AoW homepage 


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