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The War Thunder CDK has allowed the community to create some truly excellent creations to share on the live.warthunder content portal. Previously, we have looked at how to create Locations and Maps, 3D Models, Cockpits and Camouflages, but today, we will be taking a look at some of the fruits of the community's creative efforts and showcasing a selection of amazing work, past and present.

Focke-Wulf Ta-154 by Noa29R

One of the pioneering creations that was uploaded to the Live site, Noa29R’s fantastic German night fighter, Ta-154 “Moskito”, is a prime example of the community's talent.

This extremely detailed model has caught the eye of many and been the subject of a plethora of Screenshots and Videos, showcasing this excellent aircraft.

You can see the creation stages of the Ta-154 here.You can see Noa’s Ta-154 in action in Kreb’s video.

Supermarine Scimitar by Noa29R

By contrast to the “Moskito”, Noa29R has also begun work on the British carrier borne jet fighter, Scimitar. This formidable aircraft was delivered to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm from 1957 onwards and served from the 1950s to the twilight of the 1960s.

Noa is already making great progress on this aircraft and with the high standards of his previous Ta-154, this is a project to keep a keen pilots eye on! Be sure to follow the progress of Noa29R’s Supermarine Scimitar here.

Additionally, Noa29R also has a blog where you can view all of his modelling progress.

Fokker Mercury G.I by ZiePeregrine

This stunning Dutch twin engined heavy is a true sight to see. Very similar in appearance to the Fw-189, this renowned aircraft can grace the skies of War Thunder thanks to the efforts of ZiePeregrine. Visually very unique, the Fokker Mercury G.I is a refreshing shape that makes it stand out amongst other aircraft. Fans of European nations not currently present in game will definitely want to give this fantastic creation a look.

Download ZiePeregrine’s Fokker Mercury G.1 here.

You can learn more about the in DigitalDigging’s video showcase of the aircraft here.

Panavia Tornado by Grakino_UA

The modern multirole icon has found its way to the CDK skies of War Thunder! As a complete contrast to all other aircraft we have in game currently, the Tornado or “Tonka” as it is affectionately known was made possible by Grakino.

This truly epic aircraft has a vast array of unique detail including the functioning airbrake. With over 10,000 downloads, it's very easy to see why people want to give this beautiful aircraft a test fight!

Download Grakino_UA’s Pavania Tornado here.

Supermarine Swift F.1 by Snozzeltoff

 Supermarine’s alternative to the Hunter was not a huge success story in real life as a pure fighter, unlike its Hawker counterpart, however  Snozzeltoff’s Work in Progress Swift is a truly stunning aircraft even at these early stages.

Already the sleek lines and curves that show quite a family resemblance to the Attacker FB.1 are clear to see.Keep up with the developments of the Swift F.1 here.

Don't forget to see the creation process of Snozzeltolff’s fantastic BAC Lightning F.1 that we highlighted in our previous article!

This was only the just the beginning!

Take a look at some of the other creations below!

Keen to see more?

There are so many other unique, detailed and amazing creations to be explored across the Live portal as well as the dedicated Aircraft and Ground Equipment Forum section. Be sure to leave a comment within the topics of the creators and let them know your thoughts on their creations and support their efforts!

About the War Thunder CDK:

The War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK) is an official set of tools that allow you to create your own user generated content for use in War Thunder. If you have ever wanted to design your own aircraft 3D models, custom maps, missions and skins, the CDK is an extremely useful tool for putting your own personal work into War Thunder and allowing you to use your creations in game.

The War Thunder Wikipedia has a range of articles spanning the CDK’s features and will help you to produce a variety of content and assist you to getting your creations in War Thunder:

We are looking forward to see and try your creations!

The War Thunder Team

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