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Unique decal for 5 victories! Any vehicles of ranks 3-5 in any game mode! 

Famous Pokryshkin's "Airacobra" is available for purchase again! 

From 07.00 GMT on March 19th to 07.00 on March 21th

Play the game throughout the weekend and receive the unique “Victory” decal
by gaining five victories using vehicles of ranks III to V in Random Battles!


To celebrate the release of Update 1.57 "Battle March" just play the game throughout the weekend and receive the unique “Victory” decal! The requirements are simple:  Gain five victories (with 80% battle activity) whilst using vehicles of ranks III to V in Random Battles, in any mode you prefer.  The decal is only obtainable during the special from March 19th 07:00 GMT to March 21th 07:00 GMT.

Eric Lock's Victory hand sign
*only obtainable during this weekend special

Besides that, March 19th is the birthday of the famous Soviet ace Aleksandr Pokryshkin. Thus, players will be able to purchase the unique Pokryshkin’s  premium Airacobra from March 19th 07:00 GMT to March 21th 07:00 GMT.


And do not forget our traditional “Air Duels” - this weekend it’s Corsairs vs. Ki-84’s. Click here to read more details about duels.

The War Thunder Team

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