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St. Patricks Day
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St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March, and named in honour of the patron saint of Ireland. The festival commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating Irish heritage and culture. St. Patrick's Day is now celebrated by many people throughout the world, Irish and non-Irish alike, with food, drink and all things green.

From March 17th 15:00 GMT to March 18th 15:00 GMT

Just play the game and win St. Patrick’s trophy, containing one of the following decals

Irish flag


Unique Four-leaf clover decal
*obtainable only during St. Patrick's day

By completing all 3 stages you will receive 3 decals and 90 000 :

  • 1st Task: To receive the first trophy and 20 000  destroy 20 enemy vehicles with vehicle of Rank 3 or above.
  • 2nd Task: To receive the second trophy and 30 000 destroy 30 enemy vehicles with vehicle of Rank 3 or above.
  • 3rd Task: To receive the third trophy and 40 000 destroy 40 enemy vehicles with vehicle of Rank 3 or above.

AI vehicles are not counted towards the progress. 2x RB & SB multipliers.

Thunder League “Dog tag” owners may use their three-coloured smoke to recreate the Irish flag, share it on Facebook page or Twitter with hashtag:

#wt_StPatricksDay #StPatricksDay

Authors of the best screenshots’ will receive some Golden Eagles from the leprechaun’s lucky Hat! The prize fund is 5 000 , which will be split between 5 to 10 winners with minimal reward being 300 . You can post your screenshots right under our St. Patrick's Day posts on Facebook and Twitter too.

Winners of St. Patrick Screenshot competition:

by Arnau

by Nomad

by Takeno

By Vincent

By RemoR

The War Thunder Team

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