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“Enduring Confrontation”: Front line
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With update 1.57 "Вattle March" we can now bring new features to ‘Enduring Confrontation’. Now you will encounter completely new mechanics in battle scenario development - “Enduring Confrontation: Front Line”.


  • Enduring confrontation is available for all nations in 16 vs 16 SB mode.
  • Important! You should have an aircraft with the minimal available BR in your lineup in order to take part in the event.
  • Available locations: Stalingrad, Sicily, Ruhr, Khalkin Gol.
  • Destroyed airfields no longer “respawn”. The team that loses all its airfields cannot reload, refuel, repair or respawn in the given game session.
  • Airfield durability has been considerably increased.
  • New mechanics - Front line.
  • This event may be disabled at any point in time in case of unexpected issues.

Front Line

The area where “Enduring Confrontation” takes place is divided into sectors, they may match the tactical map grid.

Each sector may either belong to one of the battling parties or be “disputed” - thus becoming a “Front Line”. The frontline is displayed on the tactical map - it is drawn through the centre of the disputed sectors. The front line may move in either direction, depending on how successful the ground operations are in the specific sector - this will depend on the “Enduring Confrontation” participants.

The initial position of the front line in different game sessions may vary slightly.

Ground Battles

From time to time a battle may begin in a random disputed sector, when this battle begins, players will receive a message and an objective to support their ground forces (the ground battle being fought by ai). The exact location is marked by an arrow while battling parties are divided into “attackers” and “defenders”. The attackers have artillery and tanks at their disposal while the defenders only have artillery and pillboxes.

A battle will continue for a limited period of time and then the winner will be decided. In case the defenders win - the front line remains the same and the sector remains disputed but if the attackers are victorious the front line is moved deeper into the defeated team’s territory.

The attackers always have stronger forces thus as a defender you should support your troops or they will ultimately lose.

Influencing the situation in combat

Airfields that end up behind the front line (thus controlled by the enemy) no longer function and can not be used. When the front line is brought back and an airfield is reconquered, it will become operational again.

The War Thunder Team

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