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500k - Facebook Mastermind Quiz
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Knowledge - the key to victory. In the truest sense.

Pilots and tankers!

To mark the occasion of achieving 500k followers in Facebook, we would like to offer up a nice little competition for all our players.

Achieve erudition in the on topic "War Thunder Mastermind Quiz!" Answer the questions about the game and everything connected with it and obtain a unique vehicle and other prizes after the completion of 2nd part of this special.

The special has two stages: a Facebook quiz and in-game tasks. Successful completion of the first stage gives access to the second stage where more valuable prizes can be won. Amongst them we have a unique US bomber, the A-26 "Invader".

Please read the term bellow carefully! There is only 1 attempt per user.

Part 1:

9th March 19:00 GMT - 13th March 21:00 GMT

Access the War Thunder Facebook page and participate in the special quiz app.

The Mastermind Quiz will ask you 10 random questions. Answer 7 of them correctly and get a special key code!

Redeem the code on the official website here (make sure to log in with your game account!)
Reward: Part 2 unlocked & decals bellow


Rewards for completing Part 1:

 "Crab Claw" decal

"To the depth" decal

Part 2:

12th March 07:00 GMT - 13th March 07:00 GMT

Win 5 battles in random battles (80% activity or more) with vehicle of Rank 3 or above.
Reward: 50 000

Win 15 battles in random battles (80% activity or more) with vehicle of Rank 3 or above.
Reward: 10-75%for Rank II premium

Win 25 battles in random battles (80% activity or more) with vehicle of Rank 3 or above.
Reward: Unique aircraft A26C-45 Invader


Rewards for completing Part 2:

Rank IV aircraft A-26C-45 Invader


  • Facebook Quiz (a.k.a. Part 1) will be available from 9th March 19:00 GMT to 13th March 21:00 GMT
  • Ingame Tasks (a.k.a. Part 2) will be available from 12th March 07:00 GMT to 13th March 07:00 GMT
  • To be able to unlock Part 2 of the special, you will need to complete the Quiz and redeem the key code on our website.
  • Wins towards the 2nd part of the special are counted even before activation of the code, but only within the Stage 2 timeframe
  • You can track progress of 2nd part of the special in your player profile under "achievements" tab
  • You can activate the code and get decals only until the end of the special
  • You will not receive an A-26 'Invader' if you have already unlocked it, nor will you be entitled to any Golden Eagles or Silver Lions given
  • If you see blank page on Facebook Quiz page, please refresh via CTRL + F5
  • There is only 1 Quiz attempt per user.

The War Thunder Team

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