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How not to lose playing Heavy Tanks
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Heavy tanks are impressive pieces of machinery. Large in size, they usually come with excellent armour protection and sophisticated firepower, enabling them to combat most enemies head on. With all their positives, however, come distinct disadvantages, that a good tank commander needs to know before heading to battle. Get the basics of heavy tank driving with our latest video!

Share your thoughts on heavy tanks in War Thunder in the comments! Tell us about your favorite and least favorite heavies and share tips and tricks with fellow tankers!

The War Thunder Video Tutorials are a series of video guides created to equip the Community with the means necessary to compete on the fierce battlefields of War Thunder. Featuring the crew of the Igromania gaming magazine, they offer a player-focused insight on the game's mechanics, playstyle guides as well as tips and tricks to those who want to master the game. Be sure to check them out and leave your feedback, comments and ideas for future episodes on our forums!

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