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10,000,000 Views - Victory is ours!
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Dear Players!

The War Thunder 'Victory is ours!' Live Action Trailer has reached 10,000,000 views on our official YouTube channel alone!

'Victory is ours!' takes the viewer right into the action of an epic struggle for victory. Besides impressive action, it also put focus on the fate of individuals at war, for which it was critically acclaimed by the viewers and press alike. Awarded Best Live Action at the Games Connection 2015 Marketing Awards and scoring first place at the Russian Great Patriotic War Short-Movie Contest, 'Victory is ours!' is War Thunder's most successful trailer to date.

Other awards the trailer received include a Special Mention for Best Videogame Cinematic at the ANIMAYO 2015 festival, Best VFX at the 4th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, Editorial Choice at ANIMATIC 2015 and being on the Commercial VFX shortlist in the Visual Effects Society Award alongside such greats as the popular series "Game of Thrones" and "Coca-Cola" commercials.

We want to use this festive occasion to thank our loyal players, our Community, for being with us for all these years. War Thunder has already come a long way, and together we will continue to march onwards - until victory is ours!

The film's music is a cover of "Do not hurry," featuring world-famous singer Anna German and the words of poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and was performed by Murakami. Did you know that there's also a version featuring the original song by Anna German? Find it here!

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