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Get Ready For... Enduring Confrontation, Pt.1: Basics
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Dear Players!

Work on War Thunder's latest Simulator game mode, Enduring Confrontation, is progressing at a steady pace. Based on the vast amount of positive feedback received so far, we are sure that many players will want to give this new mode a try - but what if you never tried flying Simulator mode before or are still trying to get the hang of it? With Enduring Confrontation looming over the horizon, this surely is the best time of all to start preparing yourself!

Thankfully, YouTuber and Simulator pilot DerSheriff has launched a new series of tutorial videos aimed at everyone who wants to join in on the fun that is Simulator - with a special focus on Enduring Confrontation!

In his very first episode of the series, he discusses all about the basics of flying in Simulator. Baby steps! In future episodes, more detailed maneuvers and mode-specific elements will be discussed. Have fun watching and, as always, don't forget to leave a like and comment if you enjoyed the video!

What exactly is Enduring Confrontation?

Enduring Confrontation (EC) is a new Air Forces game mode that is currently in development for War Thunder. Inherently featuring Join-In-Progress mechanics, brave pilots will be able to jump right into the heat of an ongoing battle. With the battlefield stretching over a large area and fielding armies of AI controlled ground vehicles and aircraft, players will join the hours-long battles by contesting in procedurally generated missions and objectives. Make sure you bring some supplies, as this is as close to the real thing as it gets!

With over eight consecutive open testing sessions up till now, players were able to try the new mode for themselves and watch it evolve based on their feedback and suggestions. Developed closely together with and primarily for our Simulator fans, we want this game mode to revolutionize Simulator Battles - but we are not quite there yet. As the game mode is still in heavy development with many features still to be expanded and subject to change, make sure your opinion is heard by joining the ongoing test and leaving your feedback and suggestions in our forums!

What about other modes? I want to know more!

At the moment, development of Enduring Confrontation is focused around our Simulator mode. Still, playtests are made regarding Realistic Battles and we're fairly certain that we will see the new mode as a regular event there. For Arcade or Ground Forces, there are currently no plans. If you have more questions, feel free to head over to our development specific Q&A section on our forums, where you can ask your questions directly to the developers.

The War Thunder Team

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