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Winter Games 2016
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From 15.00 GMT on January 13th to 07.00 GMT on January 18th

Participate in the Winter Games 2016 special events!

Pilots and tankers!

To finally improve on your fitness after the new year holidays, you need to exercise yourself a bit, and we will help you to do this! Participate in our lineup of "Winter Games" events!

[Winter Games] Biathlon

Participate in the Biathlon special event! Do you want to rush to the finish without deviation, or prevent your enemies from reaching checkpoints? Or maybe you prefer a balanced run and gun gameplay? The new sport themed Arcade event provides you with endless tactical options!

This event is available for vehicles of ranks II to IV.

[Winter Games] Curling


The objective of the “Curling” mission is to escort an allied armoured column through the lines of enemy artillery to the capture zone. On the way to the capture zone, ground vehicles are invincible to player fire, but when the columns reach the capture zone, players will get the opportunity to destroy the enemy tanks.

Players from both teams can either destroy the firing lines on the path of the Allied armoured columns, or interfere with the enemy team, destroying enemy aircraft. In the capture every destroyed tank slows down the capture of the territory, so you can focus on the destruction of armoured vehicles in the capture area. Only the coordinated action of all players can grant victory to the team!

This event is available for vehicles of ranks II to IV.

[Winter Games] Hockey

Six players participate for each team with aircraft of the 3rd to 5th ranks. The Ar.234B-2 is positioned in the middle of the map representing a “puck”. When you shoot at it, you turn it towards the enemy goal (a ring in the sky). As soon as the Arado flies through the ring - the team will receive one point and “the puck” reappears again in the middle of the map. There are unlimited respawns in this arcade event. The Match will allow 5 points for a win.

The games are on! See you on the battefield!

The War Thunder Team

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