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Seasonal Sizzlers in War Thunder
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Dear players!

The most magic holiday of the year is coming. Many of you have already received the first Christmas present - the Mark IV A13 Mk.I 3rd RTR Cruiser tank, but there is much more to come, let’s start the celebrations together!
So what has War Thunder prepared for you?


Discount Marathon - from December the 24th to January the 6th use discounts for crew training and vehicles of different nations as well as unlocking modules and RP conversion! 

Learn more here →

From December the 24th to January the 6th

Use discounts for crew training, vehicles of different nations
as well as unlocking modules and RP conversion!

New 50% discounts available every 2 days, don’t miss out!

Please note discounts do not apply to Bundle or Rocket Vehicles

Date Discount
24th and 25th
Discount on modifications for all vehicles, including backup vehicles and talismans
26th and 27th
Discount on RP conversion
28th and 29th
Discount for crew training
30th and 31st
Discount for British and
Japanese vehicles
1st and 2nd
Discount for U.S. vehicles
3rd and 4th
Discount for USSR vehicles
5th and 6th
Discount for German vehicles

Discounts will start at 09:00 GMT​!

Special Bundles - we have gathered the best premium vehicles and packs at a fantastic 40% discount! And even if you already own one of these beauties, its cost will be deducted from the bundle’s price!
More info here!

Winter Holiday Marathon - Complete the tasks that will be published when it’s convenient for you and win two brand new vehicles: The VK.4501 (P) Porsche-Tiger and the Soviet Lend lease P-63C-5 Kingcobra, a unique New Year decal for 2016 and a “Festive box” for each completed task!
More info here!

Tank Races -You knew it was coming, you just weren't sure when! - now for the first time in War Thunder, struggle for the title of the best driver, the “Grand Prix” finally arrives in War Thunder Ground Forces! An exciting race track in the frozen “Finland” map and a nimble racing “car”, created from the British armoured car - the RT-1! 
More info soon!


Thunder League (www.warthunder.pro) -  For those who are ready to challenge any enemy that dares to challenge! The eSports community of War Thunder welcomes you, our fans, into live streams with giveaways for players that don’t even have to participate in the League all they need to do is: watch the streams! Sky and Ground challenges! - simple tasks that upon completion will unlock unique camos of our eSports teams and even unlock exclusive vehicles of the League. Purchase the League “Dog Tag” which will boost the prize fund and open up new bonuses for just being a “Dog Tag” owner! 


“Crewman” - Update 1.55 “Royal Armour” has arrived right before the holidays so our tank crews will jump into action! Unlock the complete British Ground Forces research tree - become a “Crewman” by completing daily tasks or purchase vehicle packs that also provide access to the British tank tree. Roll out the “boiling vessels” and surprise your enemy! 

Thank you for your loyalty and happy holidays to everyone! 

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