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War in Mid Air
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From 15:00 GMT on December 11th to 06:00 GMT on December 14th

"War in Mid Air" [AB]!

You can locate the event in the 'Events & Tournaments' tab in the game's main menu

  • [AB] Normandy: German Self Propelled AA's - British and US aircraft
  • [AB] Poland: German Self Propelled AA's - Soviet aircraft
  • [AB] Jungle: US Self Propelled AA's - Japanese aircraft

In this event, the teams are split between attackers and defenders. The task of the attacking aircraft team is to destroy tanks that are positioned inside the city and also any anti-air units. The task of the defending anti-aircraft vehicles is to stop the rout from happening and hold the position in the city.

Tickets for the attacking team will reduce up to the point when all the city ground vehicles have been destroyed. If the aviation succeed in their task, the ticket bleed stops and the the task will switch to destroying the remaining anti-air vehicles.

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