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War Thunder: Cat Race
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From 09.00 GMT on Saturday, 14th of November for 24 hours

Be among the top three pilots of the Cat Race [AB] to win a yet unreleased ROCCAT® Kova gaming mouse!
Additionally, the top twenty pilots will receive 300 each!

You can find the race in the ‘Events & Tournaments’ tab of the game’s main menu

Pilots and Tankers!

Have you got Kerosene running through your veins, etching for the next adrenaline rush? Then there’s something coming up for you! Thanks to our good friends over at ROCCAT, this Saturday you’ll be able to again fasten your seatbelts in the famous American HellCAT and take position in an unforgiving aerial race for the great prize of the War Thunder Cat Race: the yet unreleased ROCCAT® Kova

This brand-new gaming mouse offers raw performance in a sleek design that is optimized for power and speed - much like the masterpieces of engineering that you are flying out in War Thunder every day. Announced for an official release on 17th of November, winners of the War Thunder Cat Race will be one of the very first players worldwide to own one. 

Don’t miss your chance and prove yourself as a racing pilot to complement your gaming hardware with the right tool for any challenge - be that on the racetrack or the battlefields of War Thunder. Good luck!

List of available aircraft:

  • Hellcat Mk.I
  • F4F-3 Wildcat
  • F4F-4 Wildcat
  • F6F-3 Hellcat

The War Thunder Team


  • The War Thunder Cat Race event will be available from 09.00 GMT on the 14th November until 09.00 GMT on the 15th of November in the ‘Event & Tournaments’ tab.
  • For each completed race, players are awarded a score based on their time and performance, which is added to their leaderboard score.
  • Winners are determined by the leaderboard score at the end of the event.
  • The three top-scoring players according to the leaderboard will be contacted through the email associated with their War Thunder game account.
  • The twenty top-scoring players according to the leaderboard will be awarded with 300 Golden Eagles to their game accounts within a week after the event has ended.
  • Winners are required to reply within three months (90 days) and provide a valid shipping address for their prize to be delivered. Failure to do so results in any claims on the prize to be void.

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