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Update 1.53 “Firestorm” - now available for PlayStation4!
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Update 1.53 “Firestorm” - now available for PlayStation4!

Currently, Update 1.53 has been succesfully launched on all platforms. Unfortunately, the 'Firestorm' update on the PlayStation4 was delayed for reasons that were beyond our control.

The process of implementing the update for PS4 is the following:

  1. Update testing by the specialists of Sony QA team;
  2. Approval of the update;
  3. Uploading the approved update is processed by Sony’s own tools.

The testing and approval process was not completed quickly but was finished in due time. This means that by November the 5th, 1 and 2 had been fully completed. For technical reasons Sony could not release the update at the time when it was released for other platforms. We can do nothing to speed up the process and it cannot be controlled by us in any way.

We would like to apologize to all PlayStation War Thunder players for this situation, which has occurred without any error from our side.

Active Premium accounts for PlayStation®4 players will be prolonged by 2 more days in addition to the already compensated time due to maintenance.

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