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Thunder Cup I - Summary
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The last weekend for the first professional tournament of the War Thunder combined tactical battles - Thunder Cup I is here. 10 teams from the Professional League and 6 winners of the qualifying tournament in Realistic Battles mode fought for the Grand Prize - a trip to China for a show-match with a prize fund of $11 000.

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Thunder Cup I introduces the new era of the cyber sport development to War Thunder: we had qualifying rounds in an automated setup for the first time. Any Squadron was able to win the right to participate in the tournament without any prior registration - just entering the game and gathering a team of 7 was enough to meet the requirements. We plan to continue using automated qualifiers for all War Thunder tournaments in the future, including for the professional ones!

European team ‘THINK’ as well as Russian Arcade ‘eSports’ and ‘Der Adler’ were the the favourites of the tournament, so it came as a big surprise when Belarusian team ‘Verve’ confidently won the cup.  Good tactical preparation and awesome coordination resulted in the ultimate victory, with the team losing only 1 round throughout the cup.

We congratulate Verve and we wish them luck in China where they will represent the War Thunder international community.

Thunder Cup I brackets.

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