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Vehicle Profile: Bf 109 E-1
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Bf 109E-1 'Red 1' flown by Hptm. Hannes Trautloft of 2./Jg 77. Based at Juliusburg,  September 1939. 
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The BF 109 E-1 in War Thunder:

In War Thunder, the Bf 109 E-1 is the first Daimler-Benz powered variant pilots can research and fly for the German branch of aviation. Similar in many respects to its logical evolution in game, the Bf 109 E-3, differing mainly in armament.

The main features of this aircraft are its good acceleration and climb rate over many of its counterparts in game. The E-1 boasts a great power-to-weight ratio and is a very maneuverable fighter. Whilst many of its opponents can out-turn the “Emil” in combat situations, it still has a very respectable range of maneuvers it can achieve. For Armament, the Bf 109 E-1 has 4 x 7.92mm MG 17 machine guns with a total ammunition capacity of 3000 rounds. 2 mounted within the wings and a further 2 mounted within the engine cowling. Alternatively, the E-1 can be equipped for the Fighter-Bomber role and mount 4 x 50kg bombs with the ETC 50/VIIId modification or a single 250 kg bomb with the ETC 500/IXb modification. Whilst it may not be one of the hardest hitting aircraft for its tier, its ammunition supply makes the Bf 109 E-1 a very forgiving aircraft for Rookie pilots. Its excellent performance makes it an effective energy fighting “Boom and Zoom” aircraft that is still capable of pulling efficient aerial maneuvers in combat.

The Bf 109 E-1 is a solid example of how the Bf 109 family perform and demonstrates many of the key features they boast in terms of flight performance. Whilst its armament is somewhat lacking, the Bf 109 E-1 is a great fighter in its own right and leads on to the improved Bf 109 E-3 featuring more powerful 20mm MG FF cannons.

Author: Scott “Smin1080p” Maynard

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