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Media Partnership Invitation to YouTubers, Streamers & Content Creators
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Hello YouTubers, Streamers and Videobloggers!

We have created the Content Partnership system for everyone that is interested in producing quality content about War Thunder and is keen to get our support. By cooperating with us, we can offer the following to creators of popular YouTube or Twitch channels, Videobloggers, Streamers, eSports organizations and clans:

  • In-game bonus content, including Golden Eagles, depending on the frequency and popularity of your content about War Thunder.*
  • Promotion of select content on War Thunder's Social and web channels.

Requirements of joining the Content Partners system are any of the following:

  • Being the owner of a YouTube channel with at least 3 000 subscribers. Channels with over 50 000 subscribers can expect special conditions.
  • Being the owner of a TwitchTV channel with at least 2 000 followers.
  • Being the owner of a Facebook or Twitter account with at least 50 000 followers.

In this case, please contact [email protected].

If you are running an eSports organization interested in a partnership and managing events for War Thunder, please contact [email protected].

Please contact us from the e-mail address associated with your channel, which should be listed in either the description or contacts section.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope for a mutually beneficial cooperation!

Sincerely yours,

War Thunder Team

By sending a request and entering co-operation with Gaijin Entertainment you agree with our Production and Publication License Agreement as well as the End User License Agreement. Any breach of the above mentioned agreements in the past, present, or future, gives Gaijin Entertainment the right to refuse and/or cancel the agreed cooperation with the content creator.

The content creator agrees to use the provided game content to create video materials (e.g. Reviews) of War Thunder. 

Content partnership support is provided to your personal War Thunder account only. Please note that we do not issue special accounts (e.g. press accounts) of any kind.

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