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From October 9th 15:00 GMT till October 12th 09:00 GMT

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Since the 12th of March 1945, German troops concentrated almost 430,000 men on the right bank of the Rhine under the command of the German commanders: Model, Busch and Kesselring. Your task is to bomb the most important bridges and communication hubs located on the Bremen, Paderborn and Koblenz line to cut off communications between the German troops defending the Ruhr industrial region and the rest of Germany.

Fight of Swallows

In 1944, on the threshold of the battle of the Bulge, the US were concerned about the increasing numbers of jet propelled aircraft in German hands. In order to put an end to this threat, an armada of B-17’s were tasked with bombing the airfields that the “swallows” were based at.

Guardian Angels

Schweinfurt was the location of most of the ball-bearing production in Germany at the onset of World War II, it was eventually devastated following a series of Allied strategic bombing raids. It was hoped that the destruction of the factories located in the city would cripple the production of new tanks and aircraft.

 Operation "Chastise" 

On the 5th of March, 1943, the Battle of Ruhr was begun; a campaign of strategic bombing that took place during the Second World War. This campaign was planned as an assault on the German industrial area of Ruhr, and both British and American forces took part.


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