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Creating 3D Cockpits for War Thunder
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Having already mentioned 3D Aircraft Modelling in our previous article, it's time to get started on Cockpits!

The War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK) has already made a big impact on the community, with more users getting involved every day. This complex set of tools takes your War Thunder experience to a whole new level, from adapting game mechanics to developing your own creations to function in game. With the vast amount of tools to fulfil your every needs, there is no limit to your imagination.

3D Aircraft Modeling in the War Thunder CDK

Creating your own content in the CDK has never been more entertaining and rewarding, with users already creating their own aircraft, missions and maps. Utilizing the CDK, you are also able to fully develop your own 3D cockpits, with functioning instruments, equipment and controls. Not only that, but the tools allow you to use your new creations and designs on existing aircraft in game, or on your own aircraft creations.

Common favorites among community members is the ability to create unique sights and add personal pictures into existing cockpits. Historically, many pilots would personalize their cockpit with a photo or memento that had sentimental or personal value. The same could be said with many aiming sights, some pilots would often modify their cockpit to suit personal preference by changing sights or scopes should they have the ability to do so. The CDK allows for simple adaptations such as these or of course more complex redesigns and entirely new creations!

Remade Ju 87 cockpits by Ju87_5tuk4 Modern Jet collimator sights by Hawx004

Players then share their content among the community and upload it for other users to download it on the War Thunder Live. Content created via the CDK and uploaded to War Thunder Live also has a chance of making it into the game via the revenue share program, more information on that can be found in our dedicated Wikipedia Article.

About the War Thunder CDK:

The War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK) is an official set of tools that allow you to create your own user generated content for use in War Thunder. If you have ever wanted to design your own aircraft 3D models, custom maps, missions and skins, the CDK is an extremely useful tool for putting your own personal work into War Thunder and allowing you to use your creations in game.

The War Thunder Wikipedia has a range of articles spanning the CDK’s features and will help you to produce a variety of content and assist you to getting your creations in War Thunder:

Creating 3D Models for aircraft | Creating 3D Cockpits for aircraft

We are looking forward to see and try your creations!

The War Thunder Team

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