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U.S. medium tank M60
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M60 Patton "Babs" - Company "B", 3rd Battalion, 64th Armor, camouflage created by Sir_Bigos | download here

The M60 Main Battle Tanks (MBT) is one of the finest ground vehicles available at tier V in the game; with a Battle Rating of 8.0. This vehicle is a great end tier reward for those that can accomplish coming to the end of the research tree., as one will have needed to unlock all the other tanks before it. This unit offers some of the best characteristics in game, such as handling, firepower and turret armour, which are all excellent. However, as with most medium tanks, the hull armour can be very thin around the sides and rear.

The armament it uses is a 105mm M65 cannon, with 57 rounds of ammunition. It can carry, APDS, HESH and HEATFS rounds. These rounds are able to penetrate most, if not all the tanks in the game from the front. The M60 is equipped with a single .50-calibre M85 machine gun, located in the commander cupola with 900 rounds. It also has a single, M72 .30-calibre coaxial machine gun with 5950 rounds.

Overall, the M60 is a great tank, with a stock off-road speed of 35 km/h (22 MPH). It is able to execute sharp turns at speed. It can readily outmaneuver other armour, thus allowing you to change your direction very quickly. The M65 cannon is a fairly accurate gun even while on the move and can cause a lot of damage, if not destroy, an enemy tank in one shot. The M60 has overall great turret armour, however there are weak spots, most notably, the commander's cupola and the rear of the turret itself. The M60 also has a relatively low amount of amour at the sides and rear of the hull.

The M60 proves to be a versatile and extremely effective force for those that know how to use it. Its high powered gun and high level of maneuverability make up for what it lacks in side and back armour.

The War Thunder Team

With an upcoming Update, we will include the following decals to War Thunder:


Tank Forces Emblem of the Hellenic Army "The Witch" Text, as was painted
on an M60
Emblem of 2nd Battalion 63rd Armor
Division, United States Army


Decals by Branislav "InkaL" Mirkov

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