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'The way of the Ace' Tournament
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The second stage of the Air tournaments series “The way of the Ace” has started.

“The way of the Ace” is divided into 3 stages.

The Second stage will take place from the 25th of September, 12:00 GMT to the 30th of September 07:00 GMT in the format of 2v2.

First stage

Format: 4v4

  • The top 1000  players in AB and RB and top 200 in SB will receive “4v4 battle master”
  • The top 300 players in AB and RB and top 100 in SB will receive a ticket for the second stage “before 10 losses”.
  • For every 5 wins, a player will receive the Pilot's Trophy which contains one of the following:
    • Premium account for 3 days
    • Ticket for “Golden” stage for 1 battle
    • +15% RP or WP booster
    • Random discount for rank 2 premium aircraft
    • Premium aircraft: Soviet P-63-A5 or British Hellcat Mk.I

The Second stage will take place this weekend from September 25th to September 30th. Everyone will be able to take part in it.

Second stage

Format: 2v2 (same aircraft for Simulator Battles)

  • The participants will receive fully upgraded aircraft with an “Ace” crew for the tournament.
  • Every battle costs 50 Golden Eagles and the winners will get 85 Golden Eagles.
  • For every 7 victories a player will receive an Ace Trophy that contains one of the following:
    • 50 Golden Eagles
    • Premium account for 3 days
    • Random discount for premium aircraft
    • Premium aircraft: American XP-55 or Japanese J2M4 Kai Raiden


The top 500 players in Arcade and Realistic Battles and the top 200 players in Simulator Battles will receive access to the third stage.

The Final stage will take place from October 2nd to October 5th.

Final stage

  • Classic air duel in the same aircraft.
  • 3 new duel maps: Eastern Europe, Top of the world and Rice terraces.
  • Final stage prizes:
    • Unique decal “Duelist” for top 100 players of each mode.
    • Unique title “Master Duelist”  for top 10 players of each mode.
    • Unique title “Duelist 1v1”  for the players from places 11 to 100

Attention! Terms, prizes and conditions of each stage may be changed if needed before the start of the stage.


  • Each new participant begins with a rating of 0 and earns points through victories, depending on the other participants’ ratings.
  • The matchmaker for the tournament will balance your opponents and allies based on your current rating.
  • If you choose to play in a squad - your squad will be balanced in accordance with the squad-member who has the highest personal tournament rating.
  • Prizes will be awarded within five days after the tournament has ended.
  • Tournament battle results do not count for other events and/or specials.

Good Luck
The War Thunder Team

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