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Battle of Britain
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From 15.00 GMT on July 10th to 07.00 GMT on July 13th, 2015

Participate in our 'Battle of Britain' Events in all game modes,
featuring the recently updated models of Hurricane and Bf 109!

Arcade Battles: [Air Domination] Britain
Realistic & Simulator Battles: [Operation] Britain

You can join the events through the 'Events & Tournaments' tab

By the summer of 1940, the situation for the allies looked grim. German forces had advanced steadily through Poland, Holland and Belgium to then defeat France, and the Norwegian Campaign had seen a further major victory for the Third Reich. With Russia and the United States yet to become fully involved in the war against Germany, Britain stood alone to oppose the might of Hitler’s advancing forces.

Whilst the Royal Navy held a significant advantage over the German Kriegsmarine after notable victories in Norway, the British army and Royal Air Force had suffered significant losses in both Norway and France. With German forces now poised on the coast of Northern France, Britain steeled itself for the invasion it felt was sure to follow.

Hitler was well aware that a channel crossing would be nearly impossible to achieve, given the clear advantage held by the Royal Navy. Historians still debate whether Hitler ever truly planned to invade Britain or whether his actions were meant to beat Britain into submission; either way, the Luftwaffe was ordered to achieve air supremacy by eliminating RAF Fighter Command. The desperate battles which took place in the skies over Britain and the English Channel were proactively dubbed ‘The Battle of Britain" in an address by Winston Churchill on June 18th, 1940; the battle itself is now acknowledged to have taken place between July 10th and October 31st.

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