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Interview with the oldest player
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Say Hello to probably, our most mature Pilot - Robert James Armour Donachie or Bobdee.

Tell us a bit about yourself, maybe your military and your career, maybe a humorous story?

Born in 1935 in Dumfries, Scotland, we followed my father about Great Britain who delivered Munitions for WW2 to Various Locations about the country; I have lived in Wolverhampton, Bristol, Burton on Trent, Edinburgh and Dunfermline through the years. Whilst in Bristol, there was a raid on the city, the family went to the bomb shelter all except  my father, being stubborn, he decided to stay in his bed, a bomb hit the house whilst he was asleep  and blew him right out of bed, he was dazed, but uninjured. I joined the Army in 1952, as a REME mechanic. My father advised me to volunteer rather than wait for the call up, as a regular, I could get a compassionate posting to Hong Kong where he and the family were, but upon finishing basic training, when my posting came through it was for Egypt, so that plan fell on stony ground.

After being entertained by the local populace in the Suez Crisis in Egypt, I left the Army in 1956 it was difficult to get a job as a mechanic when I left the forces, so I joined the Edinburgh Bus service as a 2nd class engineer, after a short, unsatisfactory time there, I applied for the Fire Service where I remained till I retired.

I was married in 1958 and now live in Dunfermline near Edinburgh, with my Wife.
I enjoy gaming, obviously, gliding with my son, RC Model Flying and Building, Fly Fishing, Reading and a nice Whiskey.


How and when did you start playing video games? Why?

I started playing with games on an Amiga in 1986 ish after telling my son, Scarper, that he would never find me playing games, after watching my lads playing flight simulators like Gunship and Flight of the Intruder, I was hooked, I’ve always had an interest in the simulator style of games, from submarines, aircraft, tanks or whatever I could get my hands on.

Does your wife approve of this hobby of yours?

Mostly no, I can sometimes get lost in whatever I’m doing, but I’m not doing any harm, am I? She tolerates it and probably finds it humorous that a grown man like me plays games.





Your Favourite games now and in the past?

War Thunder of course, the Battlefield franchise, MS Combat Flight Sims, Birds of Prey, Flight of the Intruder, M1 Tank Platoon, Team Yankee, Silent Hunter Series, Battle Stations Pacific and yes, I even play World of Tanks.

What do you like in War Thunder?

The Graphics, the models, the exhilaration of blowing my friends up, virtually. Camaraderie, I adore bombing things, the variation in aircraft and the choices of them, the fact that all aircraft actually show differing characteristics. The multiple nations, the potential for increasing content within the game

What do you dislike?

As I have become older, my eyesight is degenerated a bit, and I find that seeing the targets is not so easy these days, I pray for the day, where I can configure it to help me identify them easily. I’m also ever increasingly concerned about the increase in Griefing and hate in games in general these days, fewer and fewer players show any respect to each other anymore. The only other gripe, and its not a big one, is that I use a Joystick, have done in all flight orientated games, sometimes I can get frustrated with that when a mouse aimer shows pinpoint accuracy. But that’s life, and no one forces me to use my Joystick.

Your favourite modes and way to play War Thunder?

I enjoy all the modes, single missions were brilliant as I could play solo, or with friends in a reasonably realistic scenario. Customising the environment with a group of clan mates and friends, with a nod to Historical re-enactment. Arcade is fine too.

Your Favourite Aircraft?

SB-2M’s, SU2’s, I16’s, P40, TBF, Hurricanes, Gladiator, Beaufighters, Beaufort, H6k, Me110,

Are you forward to the Ground forces release? :)

Really? You have to ask? Isn’t everybody. If the release of Ground forces is up to the standard currently being shown in the air power, of course I am.

Is there any advice you want to give to the players?

Calm down, don’t take it so seriously, the game is designed for fun not career and please please please, mind your hate and language, there is OAP’s and youngsters in the game.

Thank you very Bobdee, may you long continue to enjoy your favourite things.




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