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Dear Players!

We are pleased to announce several new features that have been introduced on the Main War Thunder website.

Historical Corner

With the introduction of the Historical Corner in the ‘Community’ tab, users will be able to easily access the large range of historical articles that War Thunder have prepared and released over time. With the consolidation of these articles into one place, it will make the searching and reading of these articles easier than ever!

Fan Art

A specific Fan Art area will now be available under the ‘Media’ tab of the main website. This area will be host to an array of artistic materials that have been created by you, the community, and will host screenshots and artworks that have been artistically modified. This will make it easier to search and navigate through the different productions that have been created.

Clickable tags

This is a new feature you may have noticed when browsing news articles. While looking at the main page, or at the news list, you will notice a box which will outline the topic of its respective article. These tags will greatly improve the searching and sorting of past articles, based on what you’re looking for! Perhaps you liked the video article you just viewed, and were looking to view some more? Simply click on the ‘Video’ tag to view similarly tagged articles.

Articles with decals

In continuation of the addition of tags, you will also notice that articles which introduce a new decal that will be added to the game will now have a distinctive icon in the bottom corner, which will make it easier to know which articles contain a decal and where to find them.

We will endeavour to add more features such as this in the future. Be sure to let us know what you think!

The War Thunder Team


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