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A Reminder about our Content Development Kit
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Dear Players!

Don’t forget to dive into our CDK (Content Development Kit) and produce your own vehicle skins, maps, missions and even models. You can read about all the wonderful things you can do with our CDK on our Wiki page here and even see some videos that will help you produce stunning content for our game.

We have many users in our community who create content for all, this is gathered together on the live.warthunder site and remember, the team are always on patrol looking for talented content producers who can get involved in our Revenue share scheme a real chance for our users to make cash out of content.

A few examples of content created in the CDK by our talented Players and published on the Live.WarThunder site:


  • Custom "Metropolis" map. Pilot a jet through a city full of futuristic skyscrapers! Map created by ostenespen.


  • A flying model of the Heinkel He 219 created by Joy_Division__ ! After downloading the model, you will be able to fly special, custom missions where the He 219 fights against Lancasters!


  • A Ta- 154A4 created by NovA29R! Very Detailed model with working radiators, muzzle flash and an operable canopy. Additional German speaking pilots are included!


  • A B-29 Intercept Mission made by SV2ken! More than 100 B-29 bombers on one mission! Paradise for all interceptor fans!
  • A highly detailed camouflage of the Luftwaffe Canadair Sabre CL-13 Mk.6. Aircraft JA-111 piloted by Erich Hartmann, Kommandeur Jagdgeschwader 71 "Richthofen" created by MightyArrow!

And this is just a tiny part of all content created by our CDK Users!
Download CDK client and join the growing family of the War Thunder Contributors!

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