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Wings of Victory
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From May the 1st until May the 6th we have a qualifying 4v4 tournament running and the best 300 players in each mode will be able to participate in the first automated 1v1 tournament in the history of flight simulators!

This event is devoted to Victory in Europe Day, so the best pilots will honour the memory of heroes and show their skill flying the legendary aircraft of the allies: the formidable British  Spitfire F.Mk IX, the vigorous Soviet Yak-1B and the powerful American P-39N-0.

Duels with identical aircraft are one of the most complicated and prestige types of air battles. You can only rely only on your own skill, will and concentration while your rival is also alone and flying the same aircraft.


1st Place: Weapons of Victory - James Prendergast`s Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe
2nd Place: Weapons of Victory - Ray Wetmore's P-51D-10 Daddy's Girl
3rd Place: Weapons of Victory - Pavel Golovachev's Yak-9M
1-10 Place: 1945 Golden Eagles

In Addition

  • The top 10 players in Arcade mode will receive a "1v1 Duelist" title;
  • The top 10 players in Realistic and Simulator modes will receive a "1v1 Master Duelist" title;.
  • The best overall 70 players will receive the unique title "Wings of Victory" and the "70th Victory Anniversary" decal..

Time Table (GMT)

  Great Britain USSR USA
Aircraft Spitfire F.Mk IX Yak-1B P-39N-0
Start May 8, 12:00 May 9, 12:00 May 10, 12:00
End May 9, 12:00 May 10, 12:00 May 11, 22:00


  • Each new participant begins with a rating of 0 and earns points through victories, depending on the other participants’ ratings.
  • The matchmaker for the tournament will balance your opponents and allies based on your current rating.
  • Prizes will be awarded within five days after the tournament has ended.
  • Tournament battle results do not count for other events and/or specials.

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