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"War Thunder: Victory is ours" trailer wins Patriotic Short Films contest on Russian TV!
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Gaijin Entertainment is proud to announce that our «War Thunder: Victory is ours» trailer has been awarded first place on a contest of patriotic short films which took place on one of the largest federal TV-channels in Russia - Russia-2.

The contest, which was also titled "Victory is ours!", was devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, and took place between April 1st to April 30th. Our trailer took first place in the musical clip nomination, where winners were chosen by viewers in an open vote. Thank you for your votes and support!

Now, the trailer will be aired on federal television, and as part of the prize, War Thunder will also get a chance to collaborate with the TV-channel in the future.

In honour of our trailer’s victory, we are happy to announce the premiere of the long awaited 'making-of documentary' for the  “Victory is ours” trailer! In the documentary, game developers and studio artists reveal all the details of the project, such as the  origin of the initial idea, the script writing, the filming, the soundtrack and the work “on location”, as well as the visual effects used during the creation of the «Victory is ours» trailer.

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