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Anzac Day 2015
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This year, Australia and New Zealand commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli, by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Anzac Day at Manly, Queensland, 1922

On the 25th of April each year, Anzac Day, a national day of remembrance for Australia and New Zealand, is celebrated in commemoration of all armed forces who have served, who fought, and died in service, as well as for the contribution that these people have made for their country today. Anzac day is also observed by several other nations, including Tonga, the Cook Islands, Niue, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea.

Originally, Anzac Day was to honour those who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, from where the name “ANZAC” developed. The members of this corps are famously known to have battled against the forces of the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli during World War One. With the intention of capturing Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the ANZAC force landed at Gallipoli on April 25th, 1915, where they were confronted by fierce opposition. Although it was originally planned that the operation would be a quick and decisive strike against Ottoman forces, it ultimately turned out to be a long and arduous campaign over a period of eight months which developed into a stalemate. Seeing this, and due to the fact that both sides had suffered heavy casualties, the decision was made to withdraw the allied forces towards the end of 1915.

Anzac Day at Darwin, 25 April 2013

Today, Anzac Day is celebrated in several ways. One of these is the “Dawn Service”, a gathering of civilians, veterans, and members of the armed forces at dawn where they pay their respects through a variety of different means, such as the laying of the wreath. Another way in which Anzac Day is commemorated is through the Anzac Day March, a marching parade of soldiers, veterans, and civilians representing late family members who served in the armed forces, which take place in each state capital.

The Spirit of Anzac, which shows the qualities of courage, sacrifice, and mateship, continues to show relevance and meaning for the national identity of those nations that remember the ultimate sacrifice which these soldiers gave.

More information on Anzac Day can be found on the Australian War Memorial Website:

Link here

Tüm şehitlere selam olsun! "Soldier sacrificed himself for his nation"

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Poppies, a symbol of remembrance

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