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Unforgotten: T-34 "Sniper" [Decal Included]
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This April, Kubinka Tank Museum introduced the restored T-34 “Sniper”.
The vehicle had been sunk in a bog in the Pskov region in the winter of 1942/43 and was raised in the summer of 2003 and sent to Kubinka for restoration.

The name “Sniper” was not given to the tank by accident. Just after its construction, the vehicle joined the “named” tank units where every vehicle had its own name. The title “Sniper” was awarded only to vehicles that distinguished themselves in battle and destroyed many enemy tanks.

The tank has been fully restored - the engine was replaced, the chassis restored, components and assemblies repaired. The vehicle was painted according to how it actually looked during World War 2. In the future it will take part in historical reenactments and ceremonial events. .

The film crew from War Thunder - a strategic partner of Kubinka Tank Museum - prepared a video report about the final work done on the tank restoration. In the nearest major update, the decal “Sniper” will be available for all T-34’s :


The War Thunder Team

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