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“Victory is ours” Combined battles blitz-tournaments 7х7
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Dear friends! We present you a new team tournament “Combined Battles 7x7”. It is a series of blitz-tournaments, with finals as super-cup battles.

This format of tournaments will run on regular basis after the first series.



First matches in the “Combined Battles 7x7” format will start in the framework of the 3rd International tactical team tournament “Victory is ours”, devoted to 70 years of Allied victory in the World War II. In the matches of blitz-tournaments you are invited to take part in two battle-reconstructions, on the side of both Allies and Axis. In case of a draw, the organizers will offer an additional battle to the opponents, in which they can choose any of the three conflicting nations.

Tank battle of Radzymin. Poland, August 1944.

Leading the USSR forces, you will be facing the German military vehicles. Soviet and Polish troops approaching Warsaw, soldiers from the Polish "Home Army" wanted to help the Soviet troops and decided to proceed with the implementation of the secret "Storm" action and attacked the German troops stationed near Radzymin. Under orders of the commander of the 1st Belorussian front Marshal K.K. Rokossovsky, the 6th company of the 2nd Guards Tank Army of Major General A. Radzievsky, with support of aviation, is about to attack the 39th Panzer Corps of D. von Zauken.

Operation “Cobra”. France, August 1944.

By choosing the US as your side, you will lead the 3rd Assault Tank Group of US Army under the lead of Lieutenant General G. Patton and move in to support the Fighters of French Resistance. Tankers of the legendary “Old Blood and Guts” will face the 7th Army of the Colonel General P. Hausser. On the narrow streets of a french city, you will need to win or die.

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