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Operation Uranus
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From 12:00 GMT on February 2nd to 12:00 GMT on February 4th

Event “Operation Uranus” (+50% ) is available!

In remembrance of Operation ‘Uranus’, which started on November 19th, 1942 with the aim to defeat and destroy the German forces at Stalingrad, you can participate in the War Thunder event with same name, both in realistic and simulator game modes.

On February 1st, 1943, Soviet troops were able to deliver a crushing blow to the remaining pockets of resistance in the northern part of the Stalingrad area, using concentrated direct fire from all types of heavy weapons. After heavy bombardment on February 2nd, 1943, against the factory district of Stalingrad, the 40,000 remaining Wehrmacht troops finally laid down their arms and surrendered.

The decisive Soviet victory gained in ‘Operation Uranus’ not only sealed the outcome at the Battle of Stalingrad, but also paved the way for an offensive that ultimately led to the siege of Berlin and the end of the Third Reich in 1945.

The War Thunder Team

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