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War Thunder Conflicts Series: WW2 Chronicles
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On December the 17th, War Thunder will be starting a series of historical events, step by step, it will recreate the historical episodes of World War II. Covering all theatres of war, the series invites participants to plunge themselves into the reconstruction of some of the major battles that took place during World War II and the years leading up to it.


"The Chronicle of the Second World War" invites players to participate in events that will involve all modes of difficulty. Historical Lineups, new scenarios and a description of each event will enable you to fully explore the possibility of a virtual reconstruction of a real battle in the sky and on the ground in War Thunder. In addition, the battles will reflect the new content that was added in Update 1.45 in the locations, missions and equipment.


Each week we will publish a schedule of gaming events, which you will be able to follow here. Throughout December and January War Thunder players can take part in the reconstruction of many of the important battles and conflicts of the 30s and 40s, starting with air skirmishes over Spain and ending with the storming of Berlin. In addition, we will not only be highlighting the European theatre of war, but players can also take part in battles in the Pacific and even Africa.

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