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Facebook screenshot contest winners
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Dear players we are happy to announce the winners of the facebook screenshot competition.
The goal was to make a national-thematic (Polish, Czech, German or French) screenshot - you could use tanks, planes, national markings and user-made skins.

The winners will obtain following rewards:

1st Place - 1.500 Golden Eagles
2nd Place - 1.000 Golden Eagles
3rd Place - 500 Golden Eagles

German winners:

1st place: _JG54_Poettgen                     2nd place: McCabe                    3rd place: Goettlich

Polish winners:

1st place: Hogdriver                    2nd place: B3RG                    3rd place: Mar1usz

Czech winners:

1st place: MioR                    2nd place: fixative                    3rd place: WolvIk

French winners:

1st place: BHmaster                    2nd place: Haechi                    3rd place: Kenji_


Thank you for participation
War Thunder Team

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