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Aircraft present on War Thunder’s birthday!
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Just destroy 5 enemies from 1st November 7am GMT till 3rd November 7am GMT

and get your one of planes for free: He.51B-2/H, DB-7, LaGG-3-23, TB-3 or XF5F


Dear friends, here in War Thunder we celebrate our 2 years anniversary and we’d like to thank you for your personal input in the development of our favorite game. Just log-in to War Thunder, complete an easy task and get one of the unique planes for free! You are guaranteed to get an aircraft that you hadn’t before.


You may destroy your enemies in any gaming mode except Custom Battles;

You are free to destroy planes or tanks, or both;

Bots are out of score;

Right after the task completed, you will recieve one of the planes randomly, but you are guaranteed to get an aircraft you never had before in your hangar.
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