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War Thunder: Victory Day!
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Today we pay tribute to our veterans and honor the memory of the victims of the Second World War. This war threatened the very existence of the Soviet nation, it claimed lives of almost 27 million of Soviet people. About 5 million of which were killed in action, with the rest 22 million being civilian casualties and soldiers killed in captivity. Allies suffered about 1 million combat losses.

Today we celebrate the unity of world's nations against common threat – anti-human ideology and tyranny.  

Today  we celebrate the Peace.



From May 8th till May 12th all players will have:

  • 10% discount on Soviet, British and American planes in the Store;
  • x5 XP boost for the first victory;
  • 15% discount on XP convert;
  • 30% Silver Lions boost for F4U-1d, IL-10, La-5FN, P-51D-5, P-63A-10, P-63A-5, P-63C-5, Spitfire Mk IX, Spitfire Mk XVI, Typhoon Mk 1a, Typhoon Mk 1b, Typhoon Mk 1b/L
  • 50% Silver Lions boost for P-38G, Wellington Mk X, Yer-2 ACh-30B/E, Yer-2 ACh-30B/L
  • Wings of Victory series: every day we present one Soviet airplane, flying legend of WWII. You will have 70% discount on this plane, its modifications, and ammo racks.

War Thunder Team

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