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Fresh press about War Thunder
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Our game has been recently observed by two well-known gaming web-sites.


First,  War Thunder Review: Gaijin Strikes Gold by MMORPG.COM, reveals very professional view of our game by experienced online-game players:

War Thunder certainly impressed me, and the good far outweighs the bad in this case. With fun, exciting combat combined with plenty of customization and room for personal skill, this game is sure to be a fan favorite.  The cash shop is minimal, and doesn’t intrude on the gameplay, so I never felt the need to pay for anything in order to get ahead. However, I did purchase some of the mission packs just to show support. After playing this for a while, I’m sure most people would do the same.

And the second review in form of comparison made by German observers OnlineWelten.com:

War Thunder offers in the current open beta just more content, more planes, welcomes both arcade and players and looks contemporary. When investing money both games give nothing and use a similar principle in the core...  And the result is clearly speaks for itself.
War Thunder is simply a lot better than it's competitor.

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