Server update 18.03.2020
Inability to respawn in a helicopter in SB mode has been fixed.
18 March 2020
Update 17.03.2020 (
A bug where, after repairing on an airfield, aircraft would respawn in a nose-up position, has been fixed. [... ]
17 March 2020
War Thunder "Viking Fury" - Changelog
The Vikings have landed, now they are furious, the anticipated Swedish ground forces research tree is here! "Viking Fury" brings over 50 new vehicles including ships, aircraft and all the armour you can eat.
16 March 2020
Update 03.03.2020 (
A bug where in “windowed” mode mouse clicks didn’t work in the Steam overlay has been fixed.
3 March 2020
Update 18.02.2020 (
H8K2, H8K3 — The incorrect display of flaps has been fixed.
18 February 2020
Update 06.02.2020 (
The delay that occurs when switching from a thermal imaging camera to a night vision one has been removed. [...]
6 February 2020
Server update 05.02.2020
World War bug fix and modifications
5 February 2020
Server update 04.02.2020
Planned BR changes have been implemented.
4 February 2020
Server update 01.02.2020
Changes and fixes for World War Mode.
1 February 2020
Server update 31.01.2020
Planned economy and BR changes have been implemented.
31 January 2020


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