Update 16.04.2019 (
A bug where a helicopter’s altimeter displayed incorrect values whilst flying above water has been fixed
16 April 2019
Update 11.04.2019 (
Correction of a message bug in aircraft; correction of a SA.342M Gazelle flare message bug.
11 April 2019
Update 10.04.2019 (
A bug where by switching to the optical sight it wasn’t possible to control the vehicle by using mouse aiming has been fixed
10 April 2019
Update 09.04.2019 (
A bug where a player was unable to complete the Dynamic campaign in a squad has been fixed.
9 April 2019
Update 08.04.2019 (
A bug where it was impossible to change the rate of fire on ground vehicles has been fixed.
8 April 2019
Update 05.04.2019 (
A bug where there was no sound (buzzing) being played for missile homing lock has been fixed.; A bug where ground vehicles with shoulder-guiding had the sound of a stabilizer being played has been fixed. (...)
5 April 2019
Update 04.04.2019 (
A bug where antialiasing was not working on specific SLI graphic cards has been fixed. In the  Earth Thunder event, the main gun spread below the water surface has been fixed.
4 April 2019
Update 02.04.2019 (
MiG-19 (all modifications) - in mouse-aim mode, the rudder’s response has been improved at high speeds. A bug where there were no interface sounds has been fixed.
2 April 2019
Update 01.04.2019 (
Ground forces modifications and bug fixes
1 April 2019
Update 27.03.2019 (
A bug in ground battles where the sound of a machine gun could get stuck, has been fixed.
28 March 2019


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