Server update 08.05.2018
Lorraine 155 - The following parameters have been specified and corrected (...)
8 May 2018
Update 28.04.2018 (
A number of problems related to the interruption of certain sounds during battles involving a large number of players have been fixed; The volume of explosions from aircraft striking the ground, and bombs, has been increased (...)
28 April 2018
Server update 26.04.2018
Changes in game economy
26 April 2018
Update 25.04.2018 (
Players can now exchange hat decoration coupons from the “Hat” trophies for Warbonds; Several Hat decoration coupons can also be exchanged for rarer ones in the workshop.
25 April 2018
Update 21.04.2018 (
Client Stability has been improved.
21 April 2018
Update 19.04.2018 (
Bug which would cause markers to partially or completely disappear in RB/SB replays has been fixed.
19 April 2018
Update 13.04.2018 (
A bug where a player could leave the designated map area on Berlin has been fixed (...)
13 April 2018
Update 12.04.2018 (
The BR for ground vehicles and aircraft has changed (..)
12 April 2018
Server update 11.04.2018
Fixes and changes for Enduring Confrontation mode.
11 April 2018
Update 10.04.2018 (
Numerous bug fixes for game mechanics, sounds and Enduring Confrontation mode.
10 April 2018


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