Update 18.11.2020 (
A client crash when entering the hangar has been fixed. (...)
18 November 2020
War Thunder "New Power" - Changelog
A new version of the Dagor engine, the first battleships, new aircraft carriers, new sky, vertical take-off aircraft and many other important changes.
17 November 2020
Update 10.11.2020 (
Client crash when allocating mines as a priority target for any of the ship weapon groups has been fixed.
10 November 2020
Server update 22.10.2020 (BR changes)
Changes in Battle Ratings​​​​​​​
22 October 2020
Update 20.10.2020 (
A bug where the sight for unguided rockets on aircraft may not operate has been fixed.
20 October 2020
Update 14.10.2020 (
Bug fixes
14 October 2020
Server update 07.10.2020 (economy)
Research, purchase, crew training costs and other related parameters for vehicles have been changed.
7 October 2020
Update 30.09.2020 (
Sound changes and fixes
30 September 2020
Server update 28.09.2020
Churchill III, Churchill VII, M4A3E2, T14, T26E1-1 - the number of spawns has been changed to 1
28 September 2020
Update 23.09.2020 (
Aircraft characteristics, damage model, and weaponry changes
23 September 2020


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