21 November 2017 Update 21.11.2017 (

Linux OS: A bug that caused the client to crash on the location ‘Hurtgen Forest’ has been fixed; Grass no longer returns to an upright/natural position after vehicles have driven over it; (...)

14 November 2017 Update 14.11.2017 (Server Update)

Modifications for the Enduring Confrontation mode.

13 November 2017 Update 13.11.2017 (Server Update)

Modifications and bug corrections for the Enduring Confrontation mode.

9 November 2017 Update 09.11.2017 (

General gameplay improvement

8 November 2017 Update 08.11.2017 (

A rare bug in cockpit view, which lead to other player’s aircraft not being displayed has been fixed; A bug that caused the artillery strike indicator to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed; A bug in minimal client where all reserve aircraft had low quality textures has been fixed...

6 November 2017 Update 06.11.2017 (Server Update)

Modification and bug correction of several tanks.

1 November 2017 Major update 1.73 "Vive la France" changelog

Changelog for major update 1.73 "Vive la France"

30 October 2017 Update 30.10.2017 (

In-game browser performance has been improved for Windows OS. Mouse scrolling has been improved especially for larger pages

27 October 2017 Update 27.10.2017 (

Client stability has been improved

23 October 2017 Update 23.10.2017 (

Enduring Confrontation bug fix and gameplay improvement.