Server update 08.10.2018
Numerous changes in Aircraft Flight Models.
8 October 2018
Update 04.10.2018 (
Correction of a marker bug with ATGM helicopter, collision fix in Italy location (...)
4 October 2018
Update 01.10.2018 (
A bug where when restarting an engine on aircraft, excessive torque was created has been fixed (source).
1 October 2018
Update 27.09.2018 (
American desert bug fix, sound improvement
27 September 2018
Server update 26.09.2018
New decals with “eyes” images have been added to the “Nose art” group.
26 September 2018
Update 25.09.2018 (
Various bug fixes, changes to the respawning costs in Ground Realistic Battles and FM changes for aircraft and helicopters.
25 September 2018
Update 20.09.2018 (
A bug when some players had no trees and bushes displayed after 20m distance has been fixed; A missing fence animation bug has been fixed.
21 September 2018
Update 19.09.2018 (
Helicopter research tree display fix, settings, Spitfire camera issue.
19 September 2018
Major Update 1.81 "The Valkyries" - changelog
Combat helicopters, new ground vehicles, aircraft and locations, global processing of the sounds of aircraft battles and many other changes that have made the game even better.
19 September 2018
Server update 06.09.2018
A bug where, after striking defensive structures with HE shells or aircraft bombs in “Assault: Tank Arcade” missions, those structures would disappear, has been fixed.
6 September 2018


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